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We provide Charitable Organisations with services that facilitate management of their day to day operational functions through IT automation. This is achieved through the provision of innovate tools and services, that automate back office functions and allow the organisation to focus on their core activities – Supporting and making a difference to the less fortunate whom they support. As a project consultancy our focus is the development and establishment of For Profit For Good charitable ventures that operate in the ICT (Information Technology and Communications) space. These types of projects have been chosen as they provide economic development, skills development, real world career development pathways and are business types in high demand in the identified locations.

The Projects

Infant to Young Adult

The Primary aim of our projects is to :

Financial support, from profits generated, the upkeep and education of Children Orphaned and/or infected by HIV and AIDS and the Charitable Institutions that support them including food, education (Crèche, Junior and High School through to Tertiary Education)

Provision of internships and practical training and certification opportunities for those not qualified or wishing to go through tertiary institutional training.

Creation of employment opportunities for those leaving charitable organisations after Higher education and/or those who are classified as child parents where they and their siblings never went through or where in the orphanage or charitable institution system


Internship Training; Mentorship and Employment Programmes

These cover NVQ training from United Kingdom institutions up to NVQ level 4 with local Mentorship from local professionals covering the following disciplines:

Customer Service

Customer Service Management

IT and Communications Hardware Installation and/or Support

IT and Communications Software Installation and/or Support

Team Leadership

Team Management



All interns are provided with fixed term employment covering their Internship period inclusive of quality accommodation at no cost for the period.

The ultimate aim of the programmes to ensure that the interns gain the experience to become employeable and become self sufficient, with a small number being retained to transfer skills and assist training of the new crop of interns that follow.





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